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Here, I will bring reflections on my experience and try to connect issues
from many fields in the hope that I can bring something of interest to many
I see the web as a unique possibility for communication and stimulation.

Who is Soren Breiting - Søren Breiting?
I was born 8th August 1947 i Frederikssund, Denmark. Since childhood I have had a drive to explore the World around me. My intersts are education as a researcher, teacher and communicator, natural history and outdoor life, photography, developmental issues incl. environmental conservation, bird watching and not least my big family.

Trained as a biologist with a focus on ecology until 1975. Since then working with science education and environmental education and as an educational researcher and teacher. From childhood been occupied with photography and birding / bird watching


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Seychelles Travel for Vacation

The Seychelles in the Indian Ocean is a wonderful destination for quality vacation and holydays. The Seychelles has fine, high class hotels and an international atmosphere combined with a genuine local touch from the friendly local population.

In fact The Seychelles isnít just one destination but as a tourist you will have a number of options among the many beautiful islands in this exotic and outstanding archipelago.

The Seychelles boasts the highest standards of sandy beaches, fantastic snorkeling opportunities and beautiful sceneries and a number of species of animals and plants not seen anywhere in the world but in the Seychelles. These are endemic species of animals and plants.

Accordingly The Seychelles rank among the highest conservation locations on Earth.

My wife and I had a wonderful travel to The Seychelles and could enjoy the highest service on most of the hotels as we spend the nights on different islands in the Seychelles.

The hotels to chose from rank from budget hotels to the highest international luxury hotels, and your option is a choice between budget travel packages to Seychelles or individual planned travels that rate from cheap travels to extraordinary luxurious vacations, including cruises in the Indian Ocean.

Photo of one of the fabulous sandy beaches at the Seychelles.
Here Bird Island. Photographer Soren Breiting A-Z FOTOS.

More about Seychelles Islands with their outstanding bird life, environment and scenery.

Island vacation at Seychelles

Island Vacation Tips in articles

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