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A personal resource website or blog from Soren Breiting, Hoersholm, Denmark
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Here, I will bring reflections on my experience and try to connect issues
from many fields in the hope that I can bring something of interest to many
I see the web as a unique possibility for communication and stimulation.

Who is Soren Breiting - Søren Breiting?
I was born 8th August 1947 i Frederikssund, Denmark. Since childhood I have had a drive to explore the World around me. My intersts are education as a researcher, teacher and communicator, natural history and outdoor life, photography, developmental issues incl. environmental conservation, bird watching and not least my big family.

Trained as a biologist with a focus on ecology until 1975. Since then working with science education and environmental education and as an educational researcher and teacher. From childhood been occupied with photography and birding / bird watching


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Stock photography with photos of nature, wildlife and from many countries

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Online photo sharing Find the different options to get your photos online

Canon Digital Cameras - I use mainly Canon digital cameras on my travels and for everyday use.

Blog: Travel Pictures (Soren Breiting's blog about pictures and travel)

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Intro to environmental education

Intro to the concept of Action competence as a goal for environmental education and health education

Intro to Education for sustainble development

Blog: Uddannelse (Soren Breiting's blog in Danish)

Blog: Undervisning (Soren Breiting's blog in Danish)

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Fall Foliage Net A website to help people make the best out of the autumn fall colours.

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Find birds in different parts of the world - under development

Fugleliv in Danish - under development

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Domain Registration & Hosting Losts of information and good ideas

Web hosting

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All eMarketing Tips . My main marketing site.

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